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Check Out Mamma’s Pizza Sammon Ave. Catering Services

hot pizza delivery in Ontario by Mamma's Pizza

One of our newest restaurants is located at 549 Sammon Ave. in Toronto. It’s the same old Mamma’s Pizza restaurant in many ways. Of course, you’ll enjoy fresh food at a reasonable price served by friendly staff. You can order online from this location and have the food delivered to your house or office too.

One of the other things we’ve kept the same is our catering services. This is the perfect way to arrange food for a corporate event or other type of occasion. Take a look at the menu under the catering category.

Excellent Food Options for your Special Event

You’ll see a variety of excellent food options to suit everything from a family birthday party to a wedding reception. Here’s a few examples of what we mean.

Customers tell us how the assorted chicken wing trays we prepare help to make a birthday party even more special. You can order these in a half tray with 45 pieces that serve 7 to 8 people. Got a bigger party going on? Then we suggest the full tray with 90 pieces to serve between 14 to 16 guests.

These chicken wings come in a variety of flavours like honey garlic and barbecue. You can also choose between hot, medium, chili lime or suicide. Catering to everyone on your guest list is simple when you use Mamma’s Pizza Sammon Ave. catering services.

Try Our Meatball Tray

Of course, there is more to our catering menu than chicken wings. The garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese is one of our most popular options. This traditional side dish is always served up fresh and piping hot. One of the other choices we have a hard time keeping in stock is our meatball tray.

Mamma’s Pizza Sammon Ave. location is interested in keeping up with the latest health trends. That’s why you will find a nutritional table on our website and different salad trays on our catering menu.

Healthy Salad Choices

The Mediterranean Salad tray comes with Kalamata olives and romaine lettuce. To give it a unique flavour, we’ve added Mamma’s Mediterranean dressing. You will also find red onions, feta cheese and green peppers in this popular choice.

The Caesar salad tray is another big winner for people who are hosting an event. We’ve added fresh garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese to this one. All of the healthy, fresh salads from Mamma’s Pizza are prepared in either a half tray or full tray.