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Check Out Our East York Pizzas!

best pizza combinations at Mamma's Pizza, ON

Every location has a great history at Mamma’s Pizza and that includes the one in East York. The franchise was founded in 1957 and that’s where we trace all our delicious choices back to. The reason is simple.

Lidia Danesi is the woman behind the whole franchise. She came to Canada armed with a handful of recipes from the old world and introduced Canadians to the delicious pizzas they enjoy today. The very first pizza pie restaurants in Toronto caught on quickly and the rest as they say is history.

That’s why we encourage all of our guests to check out the East York specials we offer.

Slow Roasted Roma Tomato Pizza

This is one that we are especially proud of. All the ingredients in every pizza are fresh.This selection has the added offerings of Asiago Cheese. It doesn’t matter who you are, we have something for everyone in your family.

 Mamma’s Arugula Pizza

The delicious advantages to this specialty pizza are endless. You can choose from a variety of sizes so everyone in the family can get a piece. What’s more, this one is prepared with the loving old world skill and dedication that have made us famous.

We’ve tried to think of everything when it comes to mixing delicious tastes in pizza. For example, who would want to miss out on the wonderful taste sensation of marinated chicken and hot Italian peppers? Each and every one of our East your clients raves about the wonderful specials they can get at our location there.

Mamma’s Steak and Blue Cheese

Don’t forget to have a look at this delicious special when you’re in the house or ordering online. This is the delicious treat that features finely sliced steak and of course garlic.

Giving back to the community has always been a huge part of Mamma’s Pizza. That’s why if you take a few minutes to check out the sponsorships on our website, you’ll see it’s not only the pizza we serve that makes people happy.

Finally, we always like to stay ahead of the latest innovations. That way we are always able to bring you the freshest most delicious pizza anywhere in East York. That’s why you should check out our online ordering tab. It’s a convenient quick way to get piping hot pizza delivered right to your front door.