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Check Out the Fantastic Sammon Ave Catering Options

Order traditional Italian sandwiches and pasta dishes to specialty pizzas at Mamma's Pizza Ontario Locations

Mamma’s Pizza is especially proud of their Sammon Ave restaurant. The combination of friendly staff, warm atmosphere and delicious food creates a memorable dining experience. We proudly prepare and serve a wide selection of food from traditional Italian sandwiches and pasta dishes to specialty pizzas. Take a few minutes to look over the latest additions like Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

This brand-new menu selection boasts fresh tomato sauce and tandoori chicken with red onions, green peppers and roasted red peppers. We’re constantly creating appetizing new items to add to our menu.

However, we don’t want you to forget about some of the other things that make our Sammon Ave restaurant fantastic. That’s why we want to spend a few minutes on the catering options offered there.

Business Catering

This location caters delicious food whether you’re putting on a large regional event or a small office gathering. Having a meatball or chicken wing tray delivered to your meeting saves you both time and money.

Add some fresh, hot garlic bread or garlic bread with cheese. Now you’ve assembled an excellent buffet that will help you to accomplish your business goals at the same time.

Catering for Weddings

Why not let Mamma’s Pizza make a big impact on your special day with a Penne Picante tray? This pasta dish combines hot Italian sausage and onions with sautéed mushrooms and green peppers simmered in Mamma’s tomato sauce.

A big part of planning any type of gathering involves the food you intend to serve your guests. We want to make sure everyone who attends your get-together celebrates the occasion and eats well at the same time.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started if you’re arranging a special event.

  • Be sure you know how many people you need to feed. Our Meat and Vegetarian Lasagna trays combine layers of fresh pasta with either meat sauce or plum tomato sauce and spinach. The half size serves 7 to 8 people and the full tray will satisfy 14 to 16 of your guests.
  • Knowing your budget helps you to get enough good food to go around. Here’s a helpful tip. Take the total amount of money you want to spend. Divide that number by the estimated number of people attending. It’s a great formula to help you get the most food for your money.

Don’t forget to ask about the extras we can add to your entrées.