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Check out The Gourmet Pizza Whitby Choices You Have With Mamma

Build Your Own Pizza at Mamma's Pizza in Ontario

Building your own gourmet pizza in Whitby was never simpler than it is at our Whitby Mammas Pizza location. We suggest you start by deciding on the size you want. There are several to choose from.

If you’re having a big party or event, our new Whitby location likes to suggest you take a look at the party size pizza with 24 squares. Adding a plum tomato sauce upon request and gluten-free crust can make all the difference for any special occasion.

Add Ons

There is also a small, medium, large, extra large and family size to choose from. If you’re looking for a few add-ons to make a big difference, we also like to suggest you take a look at the pizza dips. These come in a variety of excellent flavors like cheddar chipotle, roasted garlic, ranch and marinara

Choose from whole wheat or gluten free  dough. As if all those choices weren’t enough to get you started on your gourmet pizza in Whitby, we also have a huge list of toppings.

Traditional Toppings

Most of our Whitby customers like to start with the traditional toppings like mushrooms and pepperoni. There are quite a few other ones that you can look through including anchovies, pineapple, ground beef and salami.

Don’t Forget The Pastas

It’s easy to get lost when you’re looking through our menu because there’s so much to choose from. That’s why we like to direct your attention to certain items like the pastas. Take a look through the menu and keep in mind that you can add rose sauce as well as melted cheese and extra meat to any of these.

Fresh Onions

The spaghetti you will see on our menu comes sautéed with fresh onions. Not only that, this delicious selection also has parsley and garlic. Everything is simmered in a wonderful plum tomato sauce and then served with two complementary pieces of garlic bread.

Some of our customers say the next best thing to a gourmet pizza in Whitby is the rigatoni. Remember you can order any one of these delicious items online and have them delivered. This particular item comes with either meat sauce or tomato sauce. You can add three meatballs for a small extra charge.

Mammas Pizza in Whitby also serves up vegetarian and meat lasagna. Both are guaranteed fresh income with melted cheese.