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Check Out These Great Options for Pizza Delivery in Whitby

best pizza combinations at Mamma's Pizza, ON

We have a brand new restaurant that comes with pizza delivery in Whitby options. This location has just opened up so we are hoping that you will come in to check out the house specialty meat pizzas  we have there.

The butter chicken pizza is a crowd favorite because of the fresh ingredients that include delicious red onions and green peppers as well as cheese and butter chicken. Why not try the medium size? It comes with eight slices so there is sure to be enough for everyone. Order it online or have it in our brand-new Mamma’s Pizza Whitby location.

Special Occasion

Don’t forget there are several other sizes to choose from. If you’re having some family over for a special occasion, we like to suggest the 18 inch size. That comes with 12 slices and it’s perfect for some of the newer items like Mamma’s Aloha Pizza. As you might suspect from the name, this comes with pineapple, ham and bacon.

Pizza Delivery in Whitby That Includes These Other Items

We are also proud of the fact that our brand-new Whitby location will deliver some other food items right to your front door. Like a good selection of hearty sandwiches. The veal cutlet sandwich comes with tomato sauce. You can add cheese and onions as well as sautéed mushrooms and hot and sweet peppers.

Of course the Italian sausage sandwich is very popular. It comes with our world-famous tomato sauce and is always guaranteed fresh.

Our new location in Whitby also caters to your special events. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a corporate teambuilding exercise or something more personal like a family birthday. We recommend the chicken wing tray and garlic bread with cheese for either. Both of these items come in either a half or full tray depending on the number of guests you have.

Sweet Tooth

Our new Whitby customers who have a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed. That’s because our pizza delivery in Whitby service also includes desserts. Gluten-free strawberry cheesecake is marbled with its namesake strawberry. That menu item and a salted caramel cheesecake slice are both guaranteed fresh.

Don’t forget to take a look at the gift cards we have available at our Whitby location. These are  an excellent way to tell that special someone that you are thinking about them. They come in denominations ranging from five dollars up to one hundred.