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Check Out These Specialty Pizzas In Whitby

Mamma's PIzza Whitby

Mammas Pizza is proud to announce they have specialty pizzas in Whitby that follow the traditions that have made our restaurants famous. Lidia Danesi founded our restaurant chain in 1957. She grew up in a small town in Tuscany and brought recipes that had been passed down to her when she came to Canada.

The rest as they say is history. We are proud to be bringing this attention to detail and compassionate approach to everything we do in Whitby. Of course that includes a fine selection of specialty pizzas that come in a variety of different sizes.

Office Lunch

The medium size is excellent for an office lunch or a quiet dinner for two at home. It has eight slices and we recommend that you order it with the butter chicken pizza. It’s one of our new menu choices that goes well with our new specialty pizzas in Whitby.

There are some other excellent options including a combination pizza. Like its namesake, this one has a wonderful combination of green peppers and mushrooms as well as pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza Anyone? 

At our new Whitby location all the food is mouthwatering including the Chicken Alfredo pizza. Enjoy marinated chicken breast and fresh mushrooms with cheese and Alfredo sauce. We always like to say there’s something for everyone at Mammas Pizza. That includes vegetarian pizzas that are every bit as delicious as everything else we serve.

If you are hungry for some other great food, just take a look at the sandwiches we have on our website. Before you do, remember that you can add sautéed mushrooms and onions as well as hot sweet peppers and cheese to anything you see there.

Veal Cutlet

The veal cutlet sandwich is a perfect lunch as you go back to work. The same can be said for the chicken cutlet which comes with tomato sauce. Then there’s the meatball sandwich that you can order online. Regardless of the choice you make, these sandwiches will all arrive piping hot if you decide to have them delivered.

Specialty Pizzas

Finally, if you’re considering our specialty pizzas in Whitby or any of the other food we have, why not think about getting a gift card? These come in different denominations ranging all the way from five dollars up to $100 dollars. Checking your balance is as easy as clicking the convenient tab on our website.