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Check Out These Vegan Pizzas in Whitby

Vegan Pizzas in Whitby

Mamma’s Pizza is proud to have something for everyone and that includes vegan pizzas in Whitby. Our latest location is quickly becoming a big favorite in that community. So it is no wonder that we have a good variety of  vegan and vegetarian pizza choices

Vegan Olive Press (with Cheese)

This is one of the vegan pizzas that’s very popular. It’s no wonder when you consider that it comes with garlic and oregano as well as broccoli and eggplant. Have it delivered or come in and pick it up. The choice is up to you.

Vegan Pizzas in Whitby

Vegan Primavera

This pizza has a generous helping of our famous tomato sauce. It’s made fresh daily right on the premises. What’s more, it’s only one of the fresh ingredients that you get with this menu choice.

Why not take a few minutes to have a look at the delicious side dishes that we have? These go along with any of the pizza choices you make. The garlic parmesan sticks can be ordered online. They make a great appetizer or a compliment that goes with anything else you choose.

Another Interesting Side of Dish

Looking for something a little different? Why not try the potato wedges as a side dish? Ordering these online is easy.  We even have a convenient tab that you can click and get contactless delivery. There are some other choices that you can order we are sure you will find delicious.

Vegan Sausage Classic

As far as vegan pizzas in Whitby go, this one is tops. It comes with pizza dough that is made fresh daily on the premises as an option. Our customers rave about the slow-roasted tomatoes and other ingredients.

Vegan Original

This one is just as delicious as anything else on the vegan menu. It comes with zucchini and broccoli that are always guaranteed fresh. The roasted red peppers are another excellent addition.

Variety is the spice of life and that’s just what our menu in Whitby provides. We have sandwiches that are always made daily like everything else we serve. The veal cutlet with tomato sauce can be ordered online. It’s the perfect choice for a quick break during a busy work day.