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Check out this funky pizza clothing

Pizza Takeout at Mamma's Pizza Ontario

Everybody loves pizza. They like to eat it when they are out with friends and while they are watching the big game. However, there are people who love pizza so much they want to wear it on their clothes. We don’t mean with tomato paste stains either.

In fact some of the examples we found will mix your favourite holiday with your favourite food. For example there are those tacky Christmas sweaters for sale online. The difference being the reindeer have been switched out for funny sayings like Mary Crustmas with a picture of a slice of pizza on the front.

As long as we are still in the winter mode, we also found a pizza sweater online that has large pepperoni and cheese all over it. Of course that doesn’t mean the real thing. This novelty sweatshirt is a high quality picture of a steaming hot pizza imposed on the material.

Most of the pizza clothing that we came across was witty. For example one shirt said “Slice Girl” on the front ans a reference to the Spice Girls. The difference being of course the person wearing this shirt was a fan of pizza pie.