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Choose Catering from Our Richmond Street West Location

garlic bread with cheese at Mamma's Pizza, ON

Mammas Pizza is proud of the fact that we offer a variety of excellent choices to our valued Richmond St., West location clients. We want everyone who comes into the store to feel comfortable. We like to let each and every customer know they get only the freshest ingredients and hospitable service.

Everything we do at that location is a testament to our origins in the old country.

Main Entrées and Side Dishes

In fact, our catering services are something we are positive Mamma would be especially proud of. We can be at your side whether you’re planning a corporate event or your wedding reception. It’s our pleasure to offer you a wide variety of main entrées and side dishes.

Finding the one that fits your event perfectly is our number one priority.

Take a look at the wide variety of specialty pizzas we offer. These come with a fine line of the freshest ingredients you’d expect like marinated eggplant and slow roasted potatoes. Everything is done with a special nod to the kind of unwavering detail that we’ve become famous for.

The Finest Appetizers

Of course, we understand that no gathering would be complete without a full complement of the finest appetizers. Our delicious garlic bread comes in a variety of sizes one of which is sure to suit your occasion perfectly.

The delicious chicken wings we serve as part of our catering service come in a full or half tray. That way everyone is guaranteed to leave any gathering with a full stomach and wonderful memories of the delicious food served.

One of the cornerstones of our catering service is the delectable hot tray choices we’ve got on our menu. Whether you’re looking at spaghetti, fettuccine or rigatoni, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are fresh.

Something for Everyone

Here at Mamma’s Pizza, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone on your guest list. That’s why you’ll find both vegetable and meat lasagna. No one gets left out when Mamma’s caters your event.

Finally, we even provide the ability for your guests to build their own specialty pizza. We offer whole-wheat and gluten-free dough as well as a fine selection of excellent pizza dips.Regardless of the kind of event you’re having, we can supply delicious food that will make a huge difference.

Why not check out our gourmet toppings and variety of different cheeses that includes several different vegan choices?