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Mama’s Blogs

Classic Italian Pizza Toppings

North York Calzones

People love classic pizza and the toppings that go on it. Pizza has been a part of our North American lifestyle for so long there’s some great traditions around this favourite food. There’s even a few classic Italian pizza toppings that we have made our own.

It seems if you want to do it right classically you need to start right from the beginning with the toppings.  That means chopping up your own tomatoes to make the paste. Even the mozzarella cheese you use should be fresh and sliced into rounds.

When you put this all together, you can add a drizzle of olive oil on top before you bake it. The final ingredient is basil which you can add before or after you bake the rest of your traditional pizza.

Keep in mind there is a much easier way to get a whole variety of different traditional Italian pizza.  Here at Mammas Pizza we make it our number one priority to use only the freshest ingredients at our Toronto pizza restaurant. Beyond that, all our recipes come from the old country. They are the very ones that mama brought over here years ago when she put together the first restaurants in our franchise.