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Comfort food in the air

vegan pizza in Toronto.

Any folks who are familiar with Canadian weather understand that it can change quickly and wreak havoc on travel plans. A recent Air Canada plane that was flying to Fredericton had to be rerouted because of bad weather and the passengers on board were left without a meal while the plane changed its course and landed.

One of the passengers on the flight took to social media to say that the employee of one airline said there was nothing they could do to feed the hungry stranded folks because of the hour. However, that’s when a pizza loving pilot from another airline got involved and offered to buy all the stranded folks pizza pie to tide them over until things got back to normal.

It seems that when the plane was rerouted to New Brunswick, it landed at an hour when there were no food courts open even though Air Canada had given passengers a $10 voucher. That’s when a pilot from WestJet, a competing airline, stepped in to offer all the stranded people pizza. Of course social media was set ablaze with the stories of this comfort food in the air and the kindly pilot who certainly knew that a steaming hot slice of pizza was an important way to win people over.