We at Mamma’s Pizza are pleased to introduce the following measures as a safer way of providing service to our customers during this extraordinary time.

Safety Seals

Mamma’s Pizza will be applying safety seals to all pizza, pasta and calzone boxes as well as all bags. These seals will be applied in the restaurant and will serve as proof that the product has not been opened or tampered with while on its way to the customer.

Contactless Delivery by Prepayment by Credit Card

We are offering our customers to be able to pre-pay for their order via credit card in order to prevent contact between the customer and the driver. If you wish to pre-pay for a telephone order, please mention this at the time of placing your order. If you wish to prepay for an online order, please place the order online as normal, then telephone the store to provide your credit card information over the phone. You will be required to provide your online order reference number at the time of payment.

No-Contact Delivery Procedures

We will do our best to assure that all drivers will be wearing one-time-use disposable gloves that will be changed after each delivery, as well as face masks when approaching a customer’s residence. Drivers will remove the order from the delivery bag and place it on a table or chair if available or on the doorstep and will knock, ring the doorbell or call the customer on delivery. The driver will step away at least 6 feet and remain until the customer has picked up their food.

Should the customer be required to pay at the door for their order, the driver will leave the debit/credit machine on top of the order for the customer to use.


For more information about our COVID-19 procedures, please contact us.