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Crazy Pizza Delivery Instructions

hot mamaa's pizza delivery

Everyone knows how popular pizza is. It’s no secret that everyone wants this delicious food prepared a little differently than the next guy. Still, we were quite amused when we found these way out pizza delivery instructions.

It’s not a big deal that people who like math like pizza too. We kind of expected that. However what we found a little surprising was the delivery instruction about carving the slices into concentric circles.

There’s all kinds of different creative people who love pizza. There’s even the interesting story of the person who ordered a pizza and wanted a picture of a giraffe fighting a unicorn drawn on the box. When the person who ordered the pizza got it delivered, it just had a large giraffe’s neck drawn on the inside.

The note underneath read:

“Sorry we got the scale wrong.”

Finally, there was at least one special instruction on a pizza delivery note that was a little heartwarming. It seems that some girl ordered a pizza from a place where a certain guy was fond of her. He managed to ask her out to prom on the inside of the box . No word on whether she said yes to his “cheesy” invitation.