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Different ideas for pizza dough

Toronto gluten free meatball pizza

Some folks are saying they’ve had enough of regular pizza dough and are looking for something a little different.  Well, if you’re one of those people we’ve got something for you.  Why not take just a few minutes and read all about the different ideas for pizza dough that we’ve found for you to mull over.

Ever heard of cheeseburger pizza? As you might expect you’ll need to start with a deep dish style empty pizza dough.  Add some ground beef that’s been cooked properly and some cheese and you’ll essentially have a larger version of that favorite American burger.

How about downsizing? We also found an interesting recipe whereby  you can use pink salmon with smaller pizza doughs that have been cut to size to make little bit sized treats that you can even serve at a cocktail party.

Here’s another interesting idea for those of you who might have thought about adding chocolate to your pizza dough.  We found another recipe in our files that featured fried pizza dough that you could actually dip in chocolate sauce.

If any of that sounds crazy to you, we’d like to disagree. We think these unique uses for pizza dough only show how much people really love the food!