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Dog gone great time

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There’s probably more than a few pizza lovers who wish they could bring their best friend with them for a dining experience.  Well, one downtown Winnipeg pizzeria allowed you to bring your four-legged buddies with you for a one night out extravaganza recently.

It seems that a local animal shelter in Winnipeg needed some extra money. A local restauranteur who serves pizza decided he could help with the fund raiser. When the two things came together it was a pizza night out for you and your dog.

The owner of the restaurant was especially concerned because animal shelters were full and he wanted to help out. The solution? He divided half his outdoor patio for four-legged diners and the other half for their owners who had two legs.

The Tir Na Nog Animal Rescue in Winnipeg was especially grateful for the extra help. In fact they even put some of their own dogs up for adoption during the night out to raise awareness for their rescue shelter.

Carbone is located in downtown Winnipeg. If you take a few minutes to look at our website you’ll see that Mamma’s Pizza is very active in the community as well. We’re the Toronto pizza restaurant that cares.