Don’t mess with this Israeli pizza guy

People who own pizza parlours generally need to be very good at preparing food. They might even have special toppings and sauces they put together themselves. However, you wouldn’t expect them to be anti terrorist specialists. However, that’s just what one pizza parlour owner in Israel turned out to be.

Petah Tikva used a pizza tray from his shop to fend off a would-be terrorist who had just stabbed a bus driver in his neighbourhood. It seems the terrorist had just attacked the man and was making his way towards the pizza shop when the owner decided to take matters into his own hands.

We’d all say that’s one pizza parlour owner who is brave enough. However, that’s not the end of the story. Tikva clobbered the terrorist with the wooden pizza tray and then proceeded to chase him down the road until he caught up with him and several people made an arrest.

“I saw the terrorist running in my direction and he tried to come into the shop. He stabbed the counter a few times. I stopped him coming in by bashing the pizza tray on his head,” this tough guy who loves pizza was quoted as saying in the local press.”