Don’t Overlook Dundas Street Mamma’s Pizza Desserts

There’s nothing like a good dessert after some hearty food from our Dundas Street location. It’s the perfect end to a fabulous meal made even more special because you can order them online. Take a look at some of the desserts we offer and you’ll see why they are a big customer favorite.

The coffee flavored cheesecake even has a layer of white cake that’s espresso enhanced. This delicious offering is topped off with dusted cocoa and Tiramisu cream. It’s the perfect end to a meal like our special number seven. This is the one where you get to medium pizzas and four traditional toppings put together.

Family Night

It’s perfect for a family night at home or a group of friends at our Dundas Street Mammas Pizza.

As far as the desserts go, we always like to suggest Gluten Free Vanilla Cheesecake. This one has a chocolate cookie and Graham base that’s baked right on top of marbled strawberry. It’s tempting, but we don’t want you to let this wonderful dessert distract you from your meal.

Entrée Choices

When it comes to the entrée choices you have at our Dundas location, it’s hard to sort through the options. Our chicken wings are famous for good reason. They are tossed with the sauce that you pick. We’ve even got some new dry rub flavors to check out.

There are quite a few different flavors to choose from including barbecue, and honey garlic. They all come in medium, hot and suicide. The dry rubs are new and we’ve put together big choices there too. These include lemon pepper and maple bacon.

The chicken wings come in two different sizes and you can order extra sauce.

When you are done, you can have a delicious slice of chocolate brownie mousse. The dark chocolate is dense and creamy. This dessert is also topped with a chocolate glaze and some wonderful chocolate cake cubes inside.

Order In

If you decide to order in, don’t forget to check out the beverages we have on our menu. They include soft drinks and bottles of water. You can also get iced tea and milk plus a 2 L pop for friends and family.

Our Dundas Street Mammas Pizza is always looking forward to seeing you and your family. If you’ve decided to stay home instead, we’ll still send you delicious food through our delivery service.