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East York Mammas Pizza Dips and So Much More!!

Mamma's Pizza Burlington

There are many different menu items to choose from at our East York Mammas Pizza restaurant. Our customers there love to build their own pizzas. They have quite a few different choices. Putting together your own favorite ingredients means choosing from additional gourmet toppings and a gluten-free crust.

Building your own pizza means starting out with the basics. Tomato sauce and cheese are the choices  people like to start with. These ingredients are fresh so you’ll love the finished product. You can also ask for an Italian plum tomato sauce for extra flavor.

People building their own food love to sort through our gourmet toppings. Bacon and Basil Pesto are just two of the choices. We have quite a selection including caramelized onions and roasted garlic. Broccoli and roasted red peppers are just two of the other options that you have.

Pizza Dips

Pizza dips are very popular. We have a great selection of those too. The menu includes ranch and roasted garlic as well as marinara and cheddar habanero.

We think of everything at our East York Mammas Pizza. That’s why you can order online and include beverages. Our customers can buy soft drinks by the can or the 500 mL bottle. The same goes for water and juices. Some people will want to order the sparkling water or regular or chocolate milk.

A Fabulous Meal

Providing you with everything you need to enjoy a fabulous meal is our goal.

That’s why we have a variety of delicious salads.

Our East York customers continually rave about the Romain lettuce and garlic croutons in our Caesar salad. This one also includes Parmesan cheese and of course our famous Caesar dressing. Then there’s the Mediterranean salad which features green peppers and red onions. It’s a tasty treat and one that’s good for you at the same time.


If you’re in the mood for this type of food, don’t forget to check out Mamma’s salad. Only the freshest ingredients are included like shredded cheese and sliced egg.

Remember we have gift certificates available. These are an excellent way to show someone special you care. They come in a variety of different denominations.  Keep in mind that mammas pizza in East York is always on your side. That’s why we suggest that you join our special E club so you can get discounts and offers emailed to you directly.