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Eglinton West Mamma’s and Building Your Own Pizzas

Mamma's Pizza Offers and Discounts

You can build your own pizza at our Eglinton Mamma’s Pizza. We realize that everybody has individual tastes. That’s why we put this section of our menu together. You can build a variety of different sizes.

If you’re on a lunch break and want something fast and easy, we suggest a small 10-inch pizza. That will give you six slices which is just enough for you and a colleague. Don’t forget to add basic tomato sauce and cheese.

Little Extras

Of course, there are extras that you can add on like Italian plum tomato sauce which is available on request.

Here’s a different scenario that is as mouth watering. Let’s say you’ve got some family over but nothing on the stove. When supper time comes around you can order an extra large 16’’ pizza and have it delivered. You can add traditional or gourmet toppings and even double cheese.

Whole Wheat Dough

Here’s another bonus if you’re ordering a pizza from Our Eglinton Ave., West location. We supply whole-wheat dough is available in all the different sizes we offer. There’s also gluten-free dough in the 12’’ size.

When our customers told us they wanted nutritional meals, we listened. Here at Mamma’s Pizza we even went so far as to put a nutritional table right on our website. For us, it’s all about combining old world values with modern technology.

That’s why you can rest assured that any specialty pizza you order is lovingly made. That’s the way Mamma did it when she came from Italy way back in 1957. That’s why we do it the same way today.


When it comes to specialty pizzas and build your own options, we’ve tried to cover all the different bases. That’s why we have a variety of delicious pizza dips to choose from. These come in some delectable flavors like roasted garlic, ranch or cheddar Habanero.

Make sure to check out our free toppings which include olive oil as well as extra tomato sauce. We make sure everyone in your family gets exactly what they want. That’s our goal.

Traditional Toppings

This is why we have a variety of traditional toppings including tomatoes slices as well as pepperoni and mushrooms.

Finally, there is a list of gourmet toppings that you can’t afford to overlook. These include marinated artichokes and marinated mushrooms.