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Mama’s Blogs

Mama’s Blogs

We’re the Etobicoke Pizza Restaurant with Family Flair

The best pizza restaurant in Thornhill, Ontario

Seeing a smile on everyone’s faces is what we’re really all about at Mamma’s Pizza. We’ve been in the business of bringing families in the GTA to our restaurants where they can share our gourmet pizza specials and fresh toppings like green peppers and mushrooms since the 1950s. We know there are several things that place us in a category all our own and these wonderful features include:

A variety of cheeses that we feel can’t be equaled anywhere. Gorgonzola cheese and even Vegan Pepper Jack are available as just two of our wonderful toppings. Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you pick up or we deliver, everyone in your family will have a great time munching away on the fresh ingredients offered in our unique Etobicoke pizza restaurant.

Thinking about you health? That’s not a problem because we have some great salads for you and your family too. If Romaine lettuce and garlic croutons are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re the Etobicoke pizza restaurant that even has nutritional tables right on the website so you can rest assured you always know exactly what you’re eating when you dine with us.