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Mama’s Blogs

Etobicoke Mamma’s Pizza Introduces Gourmet Vegan Pizzas

Pizza with lactose free cheese

Our Etobicoke Mamma’s Pizza location wants you to take a look at the gourmet vegan pizzas on our menu. These are anything but typical. Only the freshest, most mouthwatering ingredients are used to make our specialty pizzas. Like everything else on our menu, these gourmet pizzas are prepared with the dedication to old world values you expect.

The Vegan Original is one of the most popular choices on our menu. It has ingredients like zucchini and broccoli as well as roasted red peppers and black olives. All these delicious toppings are smothered in Italian plum tomato sauce with a sprinkling of vegan mozzarella cheese on top.

New Additions to our Specialty Pizza Menu

Clients who dine at our Etobicoke Mamma’s Pizza location rave about the Spicy Vegan pizza. This delicious entrée is sprinkled with chili flakes and vegan pepper jack cheese.

Of course, there are other delicious menu items from our Etobicoke location for you to choose from. Mamma’s Pizza is always coming up with new ideas to tantalize your taste buds. Here are just a few of the new items appearing on our menus now.

We are excited about our brand-new Mamma’s Aloha Pizza. This menu item contains pineapple and ham as well as bacon and cheese.

Online Ordering Is A Snap

Whether you prefer a vegan style or meat pizza, a nice beverage is just the thing to complete your meal.

Soft drinks, iced tea and juices are just a few choices when you dine in with us. These beverages can also be delivered with your food order. Ordering any of our menu items online is a snap. If you want to open a new account, just add your telephone number to get started. If you have ordered online before, we just need your username and password.

While we’re on the subject of food that should interest you, our sides menu has a new entrée too! We would like to invite you to try our new Garlic Parmesan Fries.

Good Food at a Good Price

You can order them online and have them delivered right to your door. They make an excellent side for any of the gourmet vegan pizzas you select.

Mamma’s Pizza was founded way back in 1957. To this day, we uphold the traditional values of good food at a good price. Why not come into our Etobicoke restaurant today and try a gourmet vegan pizza?