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Excellent Bloor Street Pizza Delivery

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If you are looking for excellent Bloor street pizza delivery you’ve found the right location. Don’t forget to look through the latest additions to our menu. We’ve added some outstanding gourmet vegan pizza choices that aren’t the typical vegetarian ones. The ones that we have available for delivery are made with the most delicious, freshest ingredients. Everything on that part of our menu is made with the love that you would expect from Mammas Pizza.

With Cheese

The Vegan Olive Press with cheese has some of the freshest toppings you will find anywhere. We guarantee that the eggplant, broccoli oregano and garlic arrive piping hot when you order this one online for delivery.

Bloor Street Pizza Restaurant

Our Bloor Street pizza restaurant is proud of all the delicious menu entrées we have. These are so delicious we hope our customers don’t forget about the sides they can order too. Why not consider an order of garlic Parmesan sticks for your next gathering? People rave about our garlic bread with cheese because it is so fresh.


What’s more, you can even order it online. If you’re looking for something a little different why not try the potato wedges? These hit the spot. You get 1 pound of seasoned potato wedges with each order. It’s an excellent complementary side dish to some of the vegan pizza choices listed above.

Bloor Street Gourmet Pizza

You can also build your own Bloor Street gourmet pizza here at Mamma’s. Choose from different sizes that start at 6 inches and work all the way up to the family 18 inch pizza that’s 12 slices. Order from whole-wheat dill or gluten-free dough. You have the choice and there are some excellent pizza dips to choose from. These include ranch, marinara and roasted garlic to name just a few.

Free Toppings

Even with a gourmet pizza, our customers get to choose from a variety of free toppings. These include extra tomato or extra plum sauce and oregano. If you are looking for something a little different we have gourmet toppings too. These include marinated artichokes and  eggplant as well as sun-dried tomatoes.

Finally, for the traditional tastebud we have a good selection of old school toppings. Choose from anchovies and pineapple as well as pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. We also carry ground beef and salami as well as hot pepper rings and pineapple.