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Famous Celebrity Vegans

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Leave it to celebrities to come up with ways to better their lifestyle. Veganism has become very popular among the Hollywood elite. Here’s a few of the names you’ll recognize who have made this popular choice.

Jennifer Lopez has been a star on stage and screen as well as music for years. She says that going vegan has helped her with the energy needed to keep her career going forward. According to a recent quote, she only misses one thing from her old diet and that’s butter.

Joaquin Phoenix is another name that you recognize because he has a long list of movie credits. He comes from a long line of people who respect the earth and has even turned down commercials that involve meat products. This world-famous actor is also an advocate for groups like PETA.

We’re doing our part here at Mamma’s Pizza to promote veganism too. If you look on our website you’ll see some great menu choices including our Vegan olive press pizza which includes roasted red peppers that are always fresh. Remember all our vegan pizza choices come in a variety of sizes to suit each and every event.