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Famous pizza restaurants in Chicago

nearby pizza places in Ontario

The Windy City is well known all over the world for a number of great attractions including the pizza it serves up at a number of fine establishments. Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza that can often be up an inch deep and there are a few noteworthy places that serve this specialty. Here’s an abbreviated list of just a few of these fine pizza places.

You know that you’ve made it to the big time when people far away are ordering your famous pizza and that’s why Gino’s East has even taken the unusual measure of offering to free their pies for delivery. These folks even offer their own sausages and a few thin crust selections as well.

Then of course there’s Giordano’s Pizza if you’re looking for a great story to go with your delicious food. It seems that two Italian brothers brought a version of the pizza their mother served with them when they came to Chicago in 1974 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lou Malnati’s Pizza  rounds out the three choices we made for our list and we chose Lou’s joint because he cares enough to send employees to California to inspect the tomatoes the Chicago chain will use so the end result is always fresh and tasty.