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Famous Vegan Athletes and our Vegan Pizza Choices: What a Team!

cauliflower pizza crust at Mamma's Pizza

We have a variety of excellent vegan choices here at Mamma’s Pizza. Our vegan sausage classic has only the freshest ingredients. It’s made with the handed down love and care that mamma brought from the old country. While you’re enjoying a slice why not read about some famous vegan athletes we’ve come across?

Heather Mills

While many of us remember Heather Mills as an accomplished downhill skier, not all of us are familiar with her other accomplishments. Along with being a vegan, Heather has taken up in the issue of land mines as a compassionate cause.

Carl Lewis

Here’s another famous name most of us will remember from his Olympic glory. He was quoted as saying that a successful athlete doesn’t necessarily need to eat meat to get to the top of their game. Lewis would know. He won 9 gold medals sprinting for America.

Jim Morris

Jim Morris has had an outstanding career as a bodybuilder that has lasted well into his later years. In 2000, he became a vegan at the age of 65. He attributes the nerve condition he acquired later in life to the choice to move towards a healthier lifestyle.