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Mama’s Blogs

Mama’s Blogs

Fresh Salads At Our Yonge at Adelaide Mammas

Mamma's Pizza mediterranean salad

Salads are good and good for you at the same time. They are the perfect complement to the other dishes we have on our menu at our Yonge and Adelaide Mammas Pizza restaurant.

Mammas Mediterranean salad is an excellent choice that goes well with the pizzas and pastas on our menu. The green peppers and red onions are great compliments to Mammas Mediterranean dressing and Romaine lettuce. You can get this dish in a small or large size and order it online for delivery.

The Caesar Salad is very popular with the crowd at our Yonge at Adelaide Mammas restaurant. The garlic croutons that adorn this choice are made fresh daily.

Specialty Pizzas

If  you are looking for something to go with your favorite salad why not try one of our gourmet vegan pizzas? These are the latest additions to our specialty pizza lineup. The vegan olive press cheese is a very popular item. The roasted potatoes and roasted red peppers are fresh. Eggplant, garlic and oregano round out the other ingredients you can find on this specialty pizza.

The vegan sausage classic comes with Italian plum tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese. Order it online by simply clicking the button to get started.

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, why not consider our combination pizza? It has cheese and pepperoni as well as mushrooms and green peppers all smothered in a delicious tomato sauce.

New Pizzas To Look At

There are some new specialty pizzas you should take a good look at too.

  • The tandoori chicken pizza is sure to be a big hit. Green peppers and red onions compliment tandoori chicken in tomato sauce on this one.
  • The butter chicken pizza is another new item on the menu adding an international flair to the food we serve. The butter chicken and tomato sauce balance each other and the red onions and green peppers add a zesty flare.
  • Mammas barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt is another option. This seasoned barbecued chicken breast is done just the way Mamma would have wanted it.

Some of our customers told us they wanted something a little different and we delivered. The Mammas chicken pesto features sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled with parmesan cheese and basil pesto.

Don’t forget to look through our excellent selection of house specialty vegetarian pizzas.