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Fun Pizza Facts

Mamma's Pizza mediterranean salad

There is nothing more enjoyable when you’re sitting down to a delicious pizza then being able to read about your favourite food at the same time. That’s why we’ve put together another one of the instalments in our fun facts about pizza lists.

  • Did you know that the word itself is a lot older than the place you’re eating it in and by that we mean the entire country? The word pizza dates back over 1000 years to Southern Italy and we wonder if the people there enjoyed it as much as we do today.
  • The author of the book The Three Musketeers, travel to Italy in the 1800s and made an interesting discovery about what the people ate there back in the day. In the summer time he noticed the citizens feasted on watermelon but when the colder weather came the main staple of their diet was pizza.
  • Pizza was first sold in America back in 1905 in a grocery store. That might be a little surprising but it’s no big shock when you find out that the first pizzeria was in New York City where some of the best flavours are still enjoyed today.

Finally, it’s good to know that pizza made its way to North America with Italian immigrants.