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Gaga over Pizza

Top Pizza Places in Canada

It seems that some celebrities just get more and more like real folk every day. At least that’s what we think when we read about Lady Gaga cancelling a Montréal concert and then throwing her fans a pizza party.

It seems that GaGa was really sick and felt so bad about having to cancel her concert, she ordered the pizza and invited her fans on Twitter. When a bunch showed up and started to serenade her, she came out on a balcony to join in the sing-along.

Many of the fans had come from all across Canada and out of province to see the singer perform on her latest tour. First, they were noticeably disappointed but livened up after the pizza arrived and the party got started.

This is one performer that shows her following time and time again she really cares about them. And of course we think she’s pretty special because she’s shown a soft spot for pizza too.

We know we’re a far distant second for Gaga’ loyal fans, but when she comes back if you’re looking for a place to grab some great pizza after the show we’d like to suggest one of our Mamma’s pizza locations. Just sayin.