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Get Delicious Pasta At Our Whitby Location

mamma's pasta menu

Mamma’s Pizza is very proud of our brand-new Whitby location that’s located at 605 Brock St. You can check out some of the delicious items on our menu right here or phone 905-668-2222 for more information.

We are very proud of all of the food that we serve. Of course that includes delicious kinds of pasta at our Whitby location.

Some of our Whitby customers told us they were looking for traditional Italian food. That’s why we tell them the spaghetti we serve is made the way Mamma taught us. It’s fresh and sautéed with delicious ingredients like parsley, garlic, and onions.  This entrée also comes simmered in a delicious plum tomato sauce.

Of course, that’s not the only item that our Whitby clients are raving about.

We also have a mouthwatering rigatoni that comes topped with melted cheese. Like everything else on this part of our menu, you get two pieces of garlic bread with this order.

Ravioli al Proscuitto Anyone?

This is a great choice for an event or special occasion. It’s an entrée that’s filled with fresh spinach, cheese, and prosciutto. This is another big favorite in Whitby. It’s no wonder when you consider this entrée is served with two pieces of garlic bread and simmered in a delicious plum tomato sauce.

Here at Mamma’s Pizza in Whitby, we are proud of everything on our menu including the lasagna. The vegetarian option has some wonderful fresh ingredients like zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach. Remember you can order this menu choice online and have it delivered. Getting started is easy. All you need to do is click the convenient order online tab to begin.

Penne Primavera That Tastes Great and Is Good For You  

Ingredients that are good for you and always fresh are a big part of the penne that we serve. Marinated mushrooms, as well as sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli, are just a few. Don’t forget that you can add to your meal to make it even more special.

Rose sauce and melted cheese are just two of the options. Many of our new Whitby customers enjoy extra meat sauce on the pasta they order.

Others rave about how much more delicious the food is with extra tomato sauce and chicken. Please consider buying one of our gift cards. They come in denominations from five dollars up to $100 and you can always check the balance online.