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Get Great Desserts at Our Eglinton W Location

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Mamma’s Pizza has a great reputation for supplying outstanding food. The specials that we have put together are legendary. People rave about having events and ordering large pizzas with all the trimmings.

There’s something for everyone at our Eglinton Avenue West location including vegan and vegetarian choices. We make it our business to supply each and every customer with the piping hot delicious pizza they want.

There is more to the things we do to satisfy your cravings. If you’ve got a few minutes why not check out the great desserts we serve up at our Eglinton West location. These are an excellent way to finish off a meal that includes some of our other entrées.

We understand that not everyone might be familiar with these delicious dessert choices. That’s why we’ve put together an overview that we are sure will get your mouth watering.

Gluten Free Vanilla Cheesecake

One of the first things that our clients do when we tell them about this dessert is order some. We’ve taken great pains to make sure every single detail is exquisite and top-notch with this cheesecake. The only thing that we want to overshadow our pizza is your dessert.

If an exquisite topic like champagne mousse sounds like it might be for you, why not order one of these today? Remember, it’s possible to order your favorite dessert online.

Chocolate Brownie Mousse

When we sat down and started to plan our dessert menu we wanted it to be just as good as our entrées. That’s why we included this particular item on our menu. It’s the perfect end to a hot delicious meal that might have included Parmesan or even spaghetti with meatballs.

Dig Under the Surface

Once you dig under the surface and explore our website, you’ll see we have a variety of wonderful meal choices that you can pick from.

We’re always looking out for our valued customers here at Mamma’s Pizza. There’s no stone that we will leave unturned to get you the very best food and desserts possible. That’s why we like to suggest that you join Mamma’s eClub so that you will be ahead of the curve when new items come out.

These great desserts are only just the beginning of what we have in store for you. Why not drop into one of our locations today so we can dazzle you with the desserts we have and other menu items?