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Get Great Sandwiches at The New Bayview Mammas

mamaa's pizza crust

We keep expanding because everyone loves good food. Lots of people know that Mammas Pizza provides fresh ingredients and a wonderful selection of good Italian dishes. People who come in and eat in our restaurants rave about the pizza.

We want everyone to know there’s going to be some other delicious menu choices at our new Bayview Mammas when it opens soon. Like sandwiches.

Tomato Sauce

These have always been a staple of our other Mammas Pizza restaurants. One looks at the selection and you’ll understand why. The veal cutlet sandwich comes with tomato sauce. All the ingredients are fresh and you can even order it online. Never mind that boxed lunch that you have to eat in the office cafeteria.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll get this sandwich or the chicken cutlet version delivered piping hot to your office. It makes for a great break in your working day and a healthy meal to motivate you until quitting time.

New Location

Mammas new Bayview location will carry a variety of these delicious sandwiches. That includes a delectable steak sandwich with tomato sauce and onion. Or, you can try one of our big favorites which are the Italian sausage with tomato sauce. The food promises to be great and the atmosphere comfortable at our new restaurant.

Don’t forget that you can add some extras to any sandwich including onions and hot sweet peppers. Some of our clients prefer sautéed mushrooms while others just like a little extra cheese.

Traditional Dishes

There’s a lot to choose from. We couldn’t call ourselves an Italian restaurant if we didn’t include some of the traditional dishes. Why not try our spaghetti that’s sautéed with fresh onions and garlic? There’s a little parsley and olive oil added in.

Then everything is simmered in a tomato sauce and served with some garlic bread. The tradition of serving delicious food that’s good for you will continue on at our new location. It doesn’t matter which franchise you go into, you’ll get wonderful food at a reasonable price that’s made the traditional way.

Don’t forget that we serve an excellent rigatoni. It’s mouth-watering for several reasons. The ingredients include fresh onions olive oil and parsley.

The new Bayview Mammas Pizza restaurant promises more of what has already made us a family favorite. Good traditional Italian food at a reasonable price in a wonderful atmosphere.