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Get Pizza Delivery in Whitby For All These Menu Choices

Gourmet Vegan Pizza at Mamma's Pizza Ontario

We call the service pizza delivery in Whitby here at Mammas Pizza. However, once you start looking through the choices, you’ll see there’s much more than delicious pizza on our menu. That doesn’t mean we want to discourage you from building your own pizza and then having it delivered.

There are several different sizes to choose from and that’s where you should start. A small comes with basic tomato sauce and cheese. You can have either a gluten-free or cauliflower crust and double cheese for only a little extra.

Different Sizes

Of course there’s a variety of different sizes when you build your pizza that goes all the way up to the 21×15 inch Party Pizza with 24 squares.

There are some other ingredients you should know about that will make any pizza party special. For example, we will also deliver pizza dips that come in a variety of excellent flavors like roasted garlic, Ranch and Marinara.

Free Toppings

Once you’ve decided on the size you want, you can top your pizza off with some of our free toppings. Remember, these are all made fresh daily and include oregano, fresh garlic and olive oil.

Pizza Delivery in Whitby Includes Pastas Too

You can also order something from our pasta category online and have it delivered piping hot to your office or house. The Fettuccini Alfredo is a popular item with our Whitby customers already. It includes ingredients that get simmered and sautéed in a cheese and cream sauce and served with two fresh pieces of delicious garlic bread.

Fresh Daily

Everything on our menu is made fresh daily and that includes the traditional items like meat lasagna. This entrée is also served with two pieces of garlic bread. It’s topped with Romano cheeses and layered with fresh ground beef.

Of course, mammas pizza restaurant in Whitby offers a variety of its namesake food. Read on to find out what we have available for our vegetarian customers.

Vegan Choices

Our pizza delivery in Whitby covers vegan pizzas too. The Vegan Sausage Classic is a real delight that comes with Italian plum tomato sauce. White onions and slow roasted tomatoes are two the other fresh ingredients that get included with this pizza. It’s a classic that you’ll enjoy with friends and family or at the office. Finally, why not order one of our gift cards for that special someone?