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Mama’s Blogs

Get top notch catering at the Burlington location

Weed-Infused Pizza

The food at our Burlington location is always fresh. Come in and enjoy it in our restaurant. We are always happy to see you and the atmosphere is always welcoming. You can also order anything from our menu online. It arrives at your home or your office just as warm and fresh as the minute it was made.

Once we got some feedback from our patrons, we realized we should take our delicious food on the road. That’s how our Burlington catering service was born.

Here’s what that great service has to offer.

For A Wedding Reception

Ask around. Anyone will tell you the food at a wedding reception creates memories. It’s an important part of making sure everyone has a good time. We have traditional Italian foods that lend an added touch to that once-in-a-lifetime event.

Garlic bread with cheese and garlic bread are just two of the options. These come in full and half trays so you can get the right amount. Making sure your guests have full stomachs will certainly put smiles on their faces.

Chicken Wing Tray

We’d like you to consider a chicken wing tray with honey garlic sauce. These are always a great conversation starter. You can even add some of our fresh salad.

Wedding receptions aren’t the only events that work with our catering services. Our fresh food that’s good for you is just the thing for corporate team building events too. Good food is an excellent addition to any business event.

Check out our meatball trays and chicken wings. These might just be the added touches you need to close the deal.

Our staff would love to be part of any special events that you are planning. We have entrées like spaghetti and fettuccine Alfredo that are excellent for any occasion.

There’s Something for Everyone Here

Take a few minutes to look through the menu at our Burlington Mamma’s Pizza. There’s something for everyone here including delicious fresh Calzone.  Everything we do caters to our clients. There’s nothing quite like seeing a satisfied smile on each of their faces.

That’s exactly the way Mamma would have wanted it.

Don’t forget we have gift cards that come in a number of different denominations. These are just the right thing for a coworker, relative or special friend.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our nutritional table. We want you to be able to read all the vital information about how good our food is for you.