Get Vegan Pizzas At Our North York Mammas’ Pizza

If you are in North York anytime soon, we would like you to drop into our Mammas Pizza restaurant there and try our vegan pizzas. It’s important to us to put something on our menu that suit everyone’s tastes.

When you are looking through all the different menu choices here, remember they can all be ordered online and delivered.

Small or Extra Large Sizes

That includes the Spicy Vegan Pizza that boasts vegan pepper jack cheese, bruschetta and green and black olives. You can order this pizza in a small or extra large size. The small comes with six slices so it’s perfect for a quick lunch. The extra large size is good for family night or having friends over.

Another good choice is the Vegan Olive Press with cheese. The ingredients here include roasted potatoes and roasted red peppers as well as garlic and broccoli. The party size has 24 squares and it’s perfect for entertaining.

Another Option

The vegan olive press without cheese is another option. While you are making your selection, don’t forget to check out the nutritional info on our website. We want you to enjoy your food and understand how good it is for you at the same time.

That’s why we’ve listed this information per slice of pizza. You’ll be able to see the calories and fat as well as the cholesterol and sodium plus other numbers.

Plum Tomato Sauce

Once you have a good look at those nutritional tables, we think you will want to order a Vegan Original pizza. You can enjoy the plum tomato sauce and the vegan mozzarella cheese in our restaurant or at home.

A Few Extra Minutes

Take a few extra minutes to look at the parmigiana choices we have before you make any final decisions. The Chicken parmigiana with spaghetti dish is topped off with fresh melted cheese. The same goes for the Veal parmigiana.

Excellent Desserts

Our Mammas pizza location in North York also has some excellent desserts that you can try after the main course is done. You can even order the chocolate brownie mousse online. It comes topped off with chocolate cape cubes and a chocolate glaze that make this dessert a big favorite.

Looking for a healthy dessert choice that’s still delicious? Try the gluten-free strawberry cheesecake. This one has a wonderful chocolate cookie graham base.