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Gift Cards and Wonderful Sandwiches at Our 4903 Yonge Street Location

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Diversity is one of the big strengths that we love to stress our 4903 Yonge Street location. It’s important to us to make sure that each and every one of our wonderful clients gets exactly the kind of delicious food they want.

That’s why you can come into our restaurants order online and even by gift cards as presents to those special people in your life. These come in several different denominations so one is sure to be exactly the right thing for someone on your buying list.

Assortment of Sandwiches

They might be someone who is a little different. That’s why we always like to suggest that you tell them about our wonderful assortment of sandwiches. Cutlets are one of our favorite choices. It doesn’t matter whether you like veal or chicken, we guarantee that all the meat we serve is fresh.

Don’t forget that you can order online too. Of course, we love to see you when you come into our young Street location for a wonderful sit-down meal as well. It doesn’t matter how you enjoy one of our delicious sandwiches only that you do. Keep in mind there are a variety of different add-ons including sautéed mushrooms and cheese that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

Wonderful Experience

Making sure that everyone has a wonderful experience whether you’re ordering in or eating out is our number one priority. As a family restaurant has traditional values dating back to 1957, we are always proud and dedicated to going the extra mile for our valuable clientele.

Everything we do here at mamma’s pizza revolves around the old-world values that have been brought over from Italy and planted here in Canada. That’s why it should be no surprise that we offer delicious add-ons like tomato sauce with our sandwiches. What’s more, we offer that makes for a hearty meal if you are on the go.

Our Specials

While we have your attention, we’d like to have you spend just a few minutes checking out our specials. We offer a wide variety of extras like pop and pizza dips that will make any event outstanding and memorable.

Our location at 4903 Yonge Street is one of the finest anywhere in the GTA. Why not drop in or order something delectable online from our extensive menu. We are sure that you will be glad you did.