We Supply Delicious Gluten Free Pizza to Toronto

We understand supplying our Toronto customers with delicious choices that include a Meat Amore pizza with spicy sausage, or a vegetarian Giardino Classic with lots of cheese, as well as gluten free pizza Toronto choices made with gluten free pizza dough provides something for everyone. We’ve learned a thing or two about satisfying our customers since our doors first opened in 1957 and we love to point out that we’re so intent on making you happy, Mamma’s Pizza even encourages you to build your own pizza.

We’ve carried on the fine tradition of making quality pizza for all these years and can make you one from pizza dough that’s made everyday right on the premises. Of course it takes years of dedication to quality and customer service to have a business like ours and flexibility is another key feature that’s kept us serving your needs all this time.

Looking for fresh homemade pastas? How about meat and chicken dishes as well as fresh salads to go with your pizza or even give you something different to tickle your palate? We’ve got an extensive gluten free pizza Toronto menu and all these other dishes for the complete experience here at Mamma’s Pizza. We care about our valued customers and even offer gluten free pizza dough so you can enjoy a meal with us that’s a healthy choice.