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Good Times and Great Sandwiches at Mamma’s Yonge at Adelaide Location

Get best sandwiches Ontario

The sandwiches we serve at our Yonge at Adelaide Mamma’s Pizza location are made fresh with outstanding ingredients. We are a traditional Italian restaurant that serves a variety of delicious food items like these menu favourites.

You can order anything you see on our website for fast and convenient delivery. Of course, we are always happy to see you dine in at our restaurants too! You can order additions to any of the sandwiches on our menu. Onions and sautéed mushrooms are just two of the extra toppings to choose from.

There’s also extra cheese and hot and sweet peppers to add to the great taste experience. Read on to find out about the delicious selection of sandwiches we have for you.

  • Veal Cutlet sandwich with tomato sauce. It’s no surprise this is one of the most popular items with our Mamma’s Yonge at Adelaide lunchtime crowd. Along with the fresh bun and tasty veal cutlet, this sandwich comes with our famous tomato sauce. Ordering it online is as easy as clicking on the tab.
  • Whether you’re home watching the game or enjoying our friendly restaurant atmosphere, the Chicken Cutlet sandwich always hits the spot.
  • No list of delicious sandwiches on our menu would be complete without mentioning Mamma’s Meatball Sandwich smothered in tomato sauce. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a traditional Italian restaurant unless we offered an Italian Sausage option too!

Looking for something to complement these meal choices? Why not take a few minutes to look at our fantastic assortment of chicken wings? These make a perfect side dish for any sandwich and they come with a sauce of your choice.

New Flavours

Don’t forget to try the brand-new dry rub flavours for our famous wings. These come in a tempting variety you won’t want to miss like Mango Habenero or Lemon Pepper. You can order batches of 10 or 20 wings so everyone can have their fill. Last but not least, don’t forget to order some extra sauce to go around.

Mamma’s Pizza on Yonge at Adelaide offers gift cards so you can celebrate a special event. These come in different denominations and are the perfect way to say thank you or show someone special you care. If you’ve already received your own Mamma’s gift card, you can check the balance online.