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Gourmet pizza Burlington and technology. A perfect pair?

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All the latest technology is having a real say in how you order gourmet pizza Burlington. There have been some new studies done recently that say consumers want to have the latest technology implemented into their dining experience. This is especially true when anything new can help them get their food quicker or pay the bill faster.

Ordering by Facebook  

Almost every restaurant that was polled by the reputable Forbes magazine said that it wanted to have a Facebook presence by the end of the year. There are even companies that are working on mobile applications that will allow people to pay through this popular social media platform. Imagine being able to order gourmet pizza Burlington from Facebook and enjoy it while you catch up with friends and family?

Digital menu boards for mobile are another advancement that is on the way. One of the big bonuses here for business is in the fact that these digital signage boards are easier to change prices and menu items on. Of course it’s much easier to get a full menu list in the hands of mobile customers with this latest advancement. Some of the companies that have already decided to use this technological breakthrough make it even more interesting with interactive games.

Coupons online 

Restaurants are using digital coupons and consumers love the fact that they can see the savings right on their smart phones. One recent survey said that 50% of the people who dine out are already using these online coupons to make a difference in the bills they have to pay.

Some of the other technological marvels that will make a difference to your dining experience have everything to do with how you pay. Many studies have shown that consumers don’t like giving waiters their credit cards.

That’s why enterprising minds have developed iPads to take credit cards so a waiter can come back with one of these and the transaction can take place right at your table.

Order Kiosks

The pace of technological advancement in the restaurant industry is speeding up with order kiosks. These allow you to order your meal before you even sit down. Imagine the possibilities when you can order a gourmet pizza Burlington and enjoy some pleasant conversation without menus crowding the table before your hot meal arrives?