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Mama’s Blogs

Great Historical Vegans

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We invite you to try our vegan original which has only the freshest ingredients. Our Mamma’s Pizza locations cater to the kinds of food our valued clients want. That includes vegan choices. Here are a few of the more famous vegans from history that you might not have known about.

Gautama Buddha

You’ll need to go back far in history to find a vegan that’s more historical than this religious figure. Early Buddhist scripture confirms that this religious leader stayed away from eating meat altogether.


We will bet that you didn’t know some of the most prominent ancient Greek philosophers were vegans. Plato noticed that as his society ate more red meat, there was more sickness.

Leonardo da Vinci 

Although there’s not much known about this great historical figure’s personal life, history does teach us that he was a vegetarian and more than likely a vegan too.

Johnny Appleseed  

This early American entrepreneur was famous for his opposition to cruelty to all forms of animal life. Of course this led him to eating only plant-based food. There are historical reports that he even put campfires out because insects might be burned.