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Great Reasons To Love Pizza (Part 2)

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We are willing to bet that you read the first list on great reasons to love pizza and want more. Here at Mamma’s Pizza we always serve the best ingredients with our food. So, here’s a second list of some excellent reasons why you should love pizza.

You Dont Need A Knife and Fork   

There aren’t very many foods that you can eat with your hands and not offend someone. One of the exceptions is pizza. Lots of us think that the crust is supposed to be used as a handle while you eat it with your hands. Just remember to fold it over if you’ve got lots of toppings so none of them wind up in your lap.

It’s Good Hot or Cold   

Pizza is great when it’s piping hot. There’s nothing like opening the lid on one of our  deliveries and letting the steam escape before you dig in. However, last night’s pizza is just as good the next day when it’s cold.

Whether it’s fresh and steamy and hot or right out of the plastic container in the refrigerator, pizza is a great food. Especially when you consider all the possibilities.