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Mama’s Blogs

Great Specials at Our Yonge and Adelaide Location

xl pizza slices at Mamma's Pizza

You can even order online from our Yonge and Adelaide location. Get great food delivered right to your office or home. Always piping hot and with fresh ingredients. Remember to check out these specials before you do. And don’t forget that we’d love to see you in the restaurant too!!

Keep in mind that we’ve been around since 1957. We’ve been able to tickle the taste buds of many different patrons at our Yonge and Adelaide locations at that time. We like to think there’s something on our menu for everybody. Some of our patrons are vegans and we specialize in delivering to their front doors too.

Fresh Specials

Everything that’s served in our specials is fresh and nutritious. It’s important to make sure to carry on the old world traditions Mamma started. Reasonably priced food that’s wholesome and healthy is the cornerstone of everything that we do.

That’s why people are encouraged to check out the different walk-in specials we have at the Yonge and Adelaide location. They come with different size pizzas that are sure to satisfy your hunger and soft drinks to wash everything down with.

There’s nothing like an excellent assortment of side dishes to go with your pizza. If you’re feeling a little adventuresome why not try our brand-new garlic Parmesan Fries? Some of our clients rave about the old standards like garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese.

Each of these comes with four pieces and you can order them online. Perfect for when you get a hunger pain but don’t want to leave the house!

Don’t forget to take a few minutes to look at the other sides on our menu. Potato wedges are a favourite whether you’re eating in our restaurant or ordering online.

Sandwiches You Can’t Ignore

We’ve got something for everyone on our menu. And that includes a variety of fresh delicious sandwiches. Choose between the veal cutlet or the chicken cutlet. They both come with tomato sauce and are guaranteed fresh.

If you’re the creative sort, we encourage you to build your own pizza. These start with basic tomato sauce and cheese and you can add toppings and other cheeses as you go along. Choose between the whole-wheat and gluten-free dough.

We are always looking forward to seeing you at our Yonge and Adelaide location. Why not drop in or order online today?