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Great tips for Good Pizza

tips on build your own pizza

People who make their own pizza love to do it all year around. You can make the recipes as complicated or simple as you see fit. However, there are some universal rules that are followed by most pizza makers.

Here’s some great tips for good pizza.

Always Use A Scale

If you can’t measure the flour correctly, you can’t make a good pizza. It’s important to keep in mind that the best recipes for pizza call for measurements by weight as opposed to volume. The other issue is flour compresses when you put it in a measuring cup.

The solution for perfect pizza every time is using a scale.

Choose the Right Flour

Of course measuring the ingredients properly is only part of the process. Choosing the right ingredients is equally important. High protein bread flour is the choice of many pizza aficionados for taste and consistency.

Last but not least you need to pick a style for your pizza. Think about how many people you’re going to feed and match it up with one of the varieties available. For example a Sicilian Square style pizza is the perfect choice if you’ve got a large crowd to feed.