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Great tips for using a Charcoal Pizza Oven

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Some folks love pizza so much they even have a special oven to cook it in their backyard. There are so many of these folks in North America, it’s no surprise pizza ovens are growing in popularity.

Here’s a few tips if you’re using a charcoal pizza oven at home.

Burn wood too

To get the most from one of these ovens, you want to use wood and charcoal together. Here’s a helpful hint. It’s important to make sure you don’t run out of wood. If you do, the temperature of your pizza can drop dramatically.

Buy a pizza stone

Having all the right tools makes certain that you will have a delicious pizza at the end. While these pizza stones aren’t necessarily cheap, they are a good investment if you’re looking to make high quality pizza for friends and family.

Use an Aluminium insert

Keeping the temperature hot enough as you cook your pizza is always a concern. If you use aluminium as an insert , there’s less chance the air will circulate around. That way you can rest assured you’ll have more control over the temperature as you cook.

Using the right tools is a great way to get the most from a charcoal pizza oven.