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Top 5 Tips for Using a Charcoal Pizza Oven

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Some folks love pizza so much that they even have a special oven to cook it in their backyard. There are so many of these folks in North America, that it’s no surprise pizza ovens are growing in popularity.

Here are a few tips if you’re using a charcoal pizza oven at home.

Add Wood with Charcoal

To get the most from one of these ovens, you want to use wood and charcoal together. Here’s a helpful hint. It’s important to make sure you don’t run out of wood. If you do, the temperature of your pizza can drop dramatically.

Buy a Pizza Stone

Having all the right tools makes certain that you will have a delicious pizza at the end. While these pizza stones aren’t necessarily cheap, they are a good investment if you’re looking to make high-quality pizza for friends and family.charcoal pizza

Use an Aluminium Insert

Keeping the temperature hot enough as you cook your pizza is always a concern. If you use aluminum as an insert, there’s less chance the air will circulate. That way you can rest assured you’ll have more control over the temperature as you cook.

Change The Internal Temperature

While charcoal pizza ovens are a great choice for casual users, and they certainly produce better results compared to conventional ovens, there is still room for improvement. One notable drawback is that these pizza ovens typically have an excess of hot air circulating at the top.

This setup often leads to a situation where the hot air constantly flows over the pizza. Consequently, while you do end up with a fully cooked pizza, the top crust doesn’t achieve the crispiness characteristic of traditional pizza. Even tried-and-true methods like using a pizza stone may not fully address this issue.

The good news is that there are ways to enhance this aspect of charcoal pizza ovens.

Using the right tools

Using the right tools is a great way to get the most from a charcoal pizza oven.

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