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Customers who first come into our HarbourFront Mammas Pizza location are surprised to find out that we cater. Making sure that everyone gets the food they want for a special occasion is one of our top priorities.

Are you putting together a wedding reception? If so, we always like to suggest that you have delicious appetizers to make the event memorable. Garlic bread is one of the traditional Italian dishes that always accomplishes this goal.

Eight of Your Guests

Order a half tray, and that will be enough for 7 to 8 of your guests. If you think there are more people on the guest list, we suggest a full tray that will serve 14 to 16.

Everything we serve on our menu is fresh, and that includes the catered items. Don’t forget we also have other traditional fares like garlic bread with cheese.

Some of our customers are having a birthday party for a friend or relative. We like to suggest they take a look at Mamma’s Pizza chicken wing tray. This delicious menu item comes with a variety of different sauces that include barbecue and honey garlic. Order these wings in suicide, medium, or hot. They are always excellent conversation starters.

Pastas For Your Special Event

If you are looking for something a little more hearty for your special event, why not consider the pasta we have?

Ravioli al Prosciutto Tray

This is an excellent filling entrée that is simmered in a plum tomato sauce. There is a half tray and a full tray available, so everyone who attends your event will get their fair share.

Vegetarian Lasagna Tray

We made sure that no one got left out when we planned our menu. Vegetarians can order this particular item that’s topped with fresh, delicious melted cheese. Spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini are three of the other ingredients.

Don’t forget to look through all of the delicious add-on items we have for any of the pasta you order.

Fettuccini Alfredo Tray

This is one of the more traditional menu items we have for your special occasion. It is simmered in a cream and cheese sauce, and the ham itself is fresh.

Don’t forget to look at the delicious salads on our menu before you make any final decisions. You can add extra chicken to any of the choices you make. These items come with delicious ingredients like garlic croutons, shredded mild cheese, tomatoes, and red onions.