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Healthy homemade pizza tips

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Eating right is a priority for every family these days and it’s good to know that some favourite foods don’t need to be cut from the healthy choices lists. That said, here’s a few healthy homemade pizza tips that will ensure the slices your family eats are good for them at the same time.

  • Remember that a little preparation work goes a long way. As well as using low carb choices like whole wheat crusts, taking the time to preheat the oven to the correct temperature ensure that’s’ you’ll get a golden brown crust.  Putting the oven rack in the lowest position helps here and using a pizza stone if you have one is another bonus.
  • You dough might be frozen and there’s no need to rush the process by trying to thaw it out in the microwave too quickly. Using you time to best advantage means rolling it out and letting it sit on the countertop while you look after some of the toppings. Multitasking is part of the process and requires some careful planning.

Picking the right tools is another important aspect you can’t get around. A proper baking sheet conducts heat well or a round pizza pan makes for a tasty treat that’s cooked to perfection.