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Healthy pasta dinner ideas

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Pasta is the food that everyone in the family likes at least partially because it is so versatile. The term ‘cooking light ‘ has become a catch phrase for cooking healthy meals the entire family can enjoy. Pasta also a healthy choice because it goes with so many other wonderful foods like chicken. Of course you should never forget that our wonderful menu at Mamma’s Pizza has some delicious choices you wont want to miss out on.  Keep in mind these are available in our restaurants or even a take out specials you can order in.

There are some great ideas that match popular foods like chicken up with pasta like penne. For example, using balsamic or even white vinegar is a great way to get the most from this combination. Cutting a few Brussel sprouts in half adds another interesting garnish to the mix and as long as you keep an eye on things so nothing burns in the process, you’ll have a tasty treat everyone will enjoy.

Don’t limit yourself to the frying pan either. You can get the most from a crockpot with combining those chicken and pasta entrees and, best of all, you can set he cooking time and carry on with other chores.