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Here’s The Best Sandwiches in North York

pizza with lactose free cheese

One look at our menu and you will see why we say we have the best sandwiches in North York. We have a great history behind us that allows us to make wonderful food. Our first location was opened in 1957. The owner was often seen preparing entrees in the front window.

It’s that kind of tradition that has gone into the sandwiches and all of our other menu items.

  • The meatball sandwich is prepared fresh daily with delicious tomato sauce. It is perfect for lunch at the office or a quiet night at home. You can come into our restaurant and enjoy it there or order it online.
  • Of course the Italian sausage is one of the favorites with our North York customers. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best sandwiches in that area. You can add sautéed mushrooms and onions to this or any other sandwich on our menu. Hot and sweet peppers as well as extra cheese are also available.
  • The chicken cutlet sandwich or the veal cutlet version both come smothered with delicious tomato sauce.

The Best Sandwiches in North York and Catering Too

Our North York location also caters to your special event. Our garlic bread with cheese that comes in a full or half tray is the perfect complement to a corporate teambuilding exercise.

The meatball tray is perfect for a large family gathering or a wedding reception. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to look at the pastas. Regardless of the event that you are having, you can add a meat sauce to any of these items.

Penne Picante Tray

This is a delicious meal that comes cooked in Italian sausage with onions and simmered in tomato sauce. Other ingredients include mushrooms and sautéed green peppers.

The half tray is perfect for a smaller special occasion. It serves 7 to 8 of your hungry guests. A bigger event would do well with a full tray that serves 14 to 16 people.

Whether you are looking to have something catered or one of the best sandwiches in North York, we like to suggest one of our salads.

There’s a good variety to choose from that come with delicious ingredients like garlic croutons and Romaine lettuce. Sliced egg and shredded mild cheese are just two of the other fresh ingredients.

In the end, we have the best sandwiches in North York and other enjoyable items.