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Here’s What Makes Sammon Avenue Salads Great

Mamma's Pizza Toronto, ON

One thing that separates our Mamma’s Pizza Restaurant on Sammon Avenue from the competition is the fresh salads we serve. Why not take a few minutes to read the story behind our Italian restaurants?

The very first Mamma’s opened up in 1957 in Toronto. Our founder, Lidia Danesi, brought some very special recipes with her from a hilltop village in Tuscany. These were handed down from generation to generation. In the beginning, Lidia could be seen making pizzas in the front window. She introduced these Old World recipes and homespun values to her customers in the New World. To this day, we continue to provide her standards of quality food and customer service at every Mamma’s Pizza location.

A selection of delicious salads is just part of our established menu. We included these because we want you to have a total meal experience. Here’s just a few of the choices to complement any of the other tasty selections from our menu.

  • The Chef’s Salad we serve at our Sammon Avenue location has long been a customer favourite. All of the ingredients are fresh and this salad contains leaf lettuce and tomatoes as well as red onions. There’s even Kalamata olives served with this healthy choice.
  • The Mediterranean Salad is both delicious and appealing. Romaine lettuce is one of the main ingredients with wonderful fresh green peppers, red onions and Mamma’s special Mediterranean dressing. All of these appetizing salads can be ordered in our restaurant or online in small or large sizes.
  • Mamma’s Salad is a house specialty. This one comes complete with shredded cheese and sliced egg. We also add leaf lettuce, tomatoes and garlic croutons for extra flavour.

With all the great Italian dishes we have to offer, our beverage selection gets overlooked from time to time. There’s a variety to choose from here like soft drinks and juices. You can also order iced tea and regular or chocolate milk in small or large sizes.

Attractive Side Dishes

Don’t forget to look at the attractive side dishes as well. We offer traditional fare like garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese you can order online or in our restaurants. Garlic Parmesan sticks are also popular with our Sammon Avenue clientele.

At Mamma’s Pizza, we are always looking to entice customers with new and exciting food selections. That’s why you will find Arancini as one of the latest additions to our wonderful, traditional Italian food.