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Here’s What You Get With Our Pizza Delivery in Whitby

Mammas Restaurant has a brand new location that features Pizza delivery in Whitby. What makes this even more special is the fact that you can order online. It doesn’t matter what size pizza you want. And it doesn’t matter if you want to order something else from our delicious menu. Everything will be delivered whether you’re looking to feed a big group or a small intimate gathering.

Here are just some of the items our pizza delivery in Whitby services cover.

House Specialty Meat Pizzas

Before you decide on one of these delicious choices, it’s best to pick a size. Those range from a small that has six slices all the way up to the party size that has 24 squares.

Something in the middle like the 16 inch extra-large is  good  when you’re ordering our butter chicken pizza. This one comes with a great combination of butter chicken and tomato sauce. The red onions and green peppers add a zesty flavor. The roasted red peppers are a customer favourite in Whitby.

We have a variety of brand-new menu choices in this specialty section. Mamma’s Aloha Pizza comes with pineapple as well as fresh bacon and ham. Everything is smothered in our delicious fresh tomato sauce.

There’s lots to choose from in this section. However, there are lots of other areas containing delicious food we want you to notice.


Our customers in Whitby are already raving about the sandwich selection they can get. One of the more popular choices is the veal cutlet on a bun. You can order this one online and enjoy the fresh tomato sauce it comes with at home. The same can be said of the chicken cutlet with tomato sauce and of course the meatball sandwiches.

The Italian sausage item is the perfect meal when you’re on the go and want something nutritious for lunch time. You can add items like sautéed mushrooms, hot and sweet peppers and onions to anyone of these choices.

We’ve also added another type of entrée to our pizza delivery in Whitby menu.

The pastas are all made fresh and many of these menu choices are sautéed with fresh onions and garlic. Some of the other ingredients include sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli as well as marinated mushrooms and spinach.

Our meat and vegetarian lasagna are two popular choices.