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Here’s what’s wrong with pizza in Iceland

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news that surrounds pizza on a continual basis, then you know that one of the biggest debates is all about whether pineapple actually belongs on this popular food.

Well, it would seem that some of us are taking the debate more seriously than others and the president of Iceland has actually weighed in and said he would ban the topping from all pizzas in that country if he had his way and could pass that law. Gudni Th. Johannesson told a group of schoolchildren recently that he despises fruit on his pizza so much he would enact the law to ban pineapple if it were in his power.

Maybe the president of that far-off land should be looking at the polls in his own country before he makes such a firm declaration. Recent numbers from a survey in the country say that 60% of people in Iceland actually like to have pineapple on their pizza. With those statistics in mind , Johannesson might want to change his hard stance against that particular topping before he heads into an election!! Now, he has a 97% approval rating among the people there but we are sure that will change if he continues his anti  pineapple campaign.